Receipt Font

RECEIPT is a quirky display font

1 OTF font file &  1 bonus Illustrator 8.0 EPS with vector elements
Full Description

RECEIPT is a quirky font created from old till receipts.

Most modern till receipts are printed digitally using thermochromic paper which is a cheap process that produces irregular and inconsistent results.

I wanted to create a font based on these imperfections.

Made in Illustrator using Fontself

What’s included:

• RECEIPT is supplied as an OpenType font.
• All available glyphs are shown in the preview images.
• Also includes a bonus vector document with various elements scanned from old receipts including distorted lines, boxes and symbols (shown in the 3rd preview image).

Please note that none of the photographs or mockups shown in the screen shots are included. These are for visual demonstration of the type of effects you can create using the font.


Any application that supports the OpenType font format.
The bonus vector elements are supplied as an Illustrator 8.0 EPS file and a PDF document which are both compatible with most vector applications.

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The following images are examples of what can be created using the font and bonus elements.