Isometric Grid Effects

Create interesting isometric effects with this multilayered Photoshop template.

A Photoshop template. A user guide.
Full Description

The template incorporates a hexagonal clipping mask that can be applied to any photo or graphic very easily using a smart object. Below that layer is a transparent isometric grid and a solid background. Above is a hexagonal isometric grid that has been designed to overlay your masked photos, plus a variety of borders and shapes in different weights.

Simply toggle the layers you’d like to apply. Edit the colours of every element and experiment by combining different layers and overlay effects to create unique compositions.

What’s included:

• A Multilayered Photoshop Template
• 2 Isometric Overlays
• Hexagonal Border In 3 Line Weights
• 5 Hexagonal Shape Graphics In 3 Line Weights
• Optional Page Border
• High Resolution – A2, Measuring 420 x 594mm / 4,961 x 7,016 pixels / 300dpi
• A pdf guide that explains how to use the template

Please note that none of the photographs, fonts or mockups shown in the screen shots are included. These are for visual demonstration of the type of effects you can create using the template.


Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above (Smart Objects may not function correctly in earlier versions).

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isometric grids
isometric template


The following images are examples of what can be created using this template.