Clean Vector Halftones Collection

A collection of halftone effects supplied as vector artwork.
16 vector halftone files.
Full Description

Most halftones are created using bitmaps in applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

These have all been created directly in Adobe Illustrator so they are true ‘clean’ vectors which can be incorporated in illustrations, logos and other artwork.

Edit the colours, combine different halftones and other vector graphics to create unique designs.

Lay them over photographs to create different screen effects.
They can also be rasterised at any required resolution and used in bitmap applications such as Photoshop.

What’s included:

• 16 vector halftones supplied as Illustrator 8.0 eps files which are compatible with all versions of Illustrator, Photoshop & many other graphic applications.
• 16 high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds which can be used in any application that supports them.
• A visual reference guide.

Please note the photographs, fonts and geometric shapes are not included in the collection. These were used to demonstrate the type of effects that can be created when combined with the halftones.


To edit the source files requires a vector application such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Terms & Conditions

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• All items can be used for any personal or commercial projects
• All items can be used in products for resale but not directly ‘as is’
• Resale or distribution of items directly ‘as is’ is strictly prohibited

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The following images are examples of what can be created using some of the halftones from this collection.