50 Vintage Anatomy Vectors

This follow up to ‘Anatomy Collection 01’ that I completed creating recently is proving popular! It is a more comprehensive collection featuring 50 fully editable vectors! As with the first collection, these have all been created from vintage medical journals and other anatomical documents. It is also available on Creative Market

Ultimate Textures Bundle

The Ultimate Textures Bundle

I’ve just created The Ultimate Textures Bundle which features 8 of my most popular vector collections on Creative Market.

The bundle is on sale for $29.00 which amounts to a massive saving of 79% off the usual Creative Market prices, if you buy each collection individually.

Check it out here.

Design Cuts Bundle

The Ultimate Vector Elements Collection

The latest amazing deal from Design Cuts is ‘The Ultimate Vector Elements Collection’ which offers a 91% discount on a variety of premium quality vector resources including 2 of my collections:

Vector Textures Kit
Anatomy Vector Collection

There are thousands of individual resources for use in your own projects and they all include an extended license so you can use them however you like.

Check the deal out here

Vector Textures Kit

Vector Textures Kit

This latest product release is a collection of 40 highly detailed textures including:

  • 30 Background Textures
  • 10 Circular Textures

I created this as a follow up to 2 of my most popular texture collections:
40 Background Textures
30 Circular Vector Textures 

Check them out in the products section here


The New Site Is Live!

So this new downloads website is finally live! The aim of the site is to offer a direct digital download service to people who are interested in the resources I create, as an alternative to the larger stock libraries that already sell them. The main reasons set about creating it are as follows:

I  wanted to build a website that allowed me to present much larger preview images of the individual graphics that make up some of the larger collections. For example one of my best selling products on Creative Market is ’40 Vector Background Textures’ but like most of the stock library sites, you are limited to how many screenshots you can display for each product. I wanted a way to display all 40 textures at a decent size so that you can see the detail that has gone into creating each one. Until now I’ve done this by uploading individual screenshots to Facebook and Behance – then including a link to these in my product descriptions. I’ve designed this website to accommodate any number of images I want to present for each product.

Another drawback to ‘setting up shop’ with the larger stock libraries is file size restrictions. When creating large collections or wanting to offer ‘bundles’ of combined collections as part of a discounted promotion, you are limited because the file size of the combined items (even when compressed) is most likely going to exceed the file size limitations. I was looking for an alternative to this which is how I discovered sellfy.com who offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and can handle single file uploads up to 2GB.

This is something that causes a great deal of confusion when it comes to selling digital products. Often there are various licensing options for products based on what the buyer intends to use them for, each with different pricing. Creative Market have tackled this by offering one license type called the ‘Simple License’ that goes a long way to clearing any confusion, however I (like many other sellers) often receive emails from members asking what they can and can’t do with any resources they might buy. Any item purchased directly on this site offers a lot of flexibility. You can pretty much use my resources for anything you like so long as you don’t try to resell or distribute them ‘as is’. In other words you’re free to incorporate them in any creative project you like, including items you may sell – just don’t rip them off directly or pass them off as your own.

Most items I sell are offered through international stores that list the purchase prices in dollars or euros. I wanted to be able to offer my products in GBP to appeal to the UK market.